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Sexing up the universe

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The rare Doctor Who ships comm
A very small FAQ

who_otp: what's that, then?
This is a community for the rarer pairings in Doctor Who fic.

And by 'rarer', you mean...
Broadly speaking, anything that isn't the Doctor paired with the Master, Rose, Martha or Jack. This is pretty flexible - Two/Rose is a rare pairing, and that's fine here, as is One/Jack or Five/Martha. Basically if it's a version of the Doctor that Rose/Martha/Jack hasn't met in canon, you're good. Since there are a hell of a lot of permutations of Doctor/Master I've had to rule it completely out, sorry - this includes Academy era Theta/Koschei fic. There's quite a lot of Doctor/Master in this comm's tags because I was a bit slow off the mark in realising how popular it had become.

But anything else is all right.
Yep, provided it's Doctor Who related (no purely Torchwood stories, please, although a Torchwood character paired up with a Doctor Who character's okay). New school, old school, stuff from the books or the Big Finish audios or the comics, fic about those two background characters who were in one scene of one episode, crossovers, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, all fine.

So it's just fanfic?
Not at all. If you've got a Ten/Mickey vid or Three/Jo icons or you want to ask where all the Jack/Sarah/Harriet Jones is hiding, go ahead and post that.

Finding fics

Looking for a particular character or pairing? Try the community index, the tags and the memories. If there's still nothing you could try looking through the rare pairings lists (compiled by the excellent ghost2) or the various games of drabble tag. And if all that fails, you might have to write that steamy Three/Martha PWP yourself. But remember to share it with us when you do.


1. Put graphics, fics and icon posts with more than 3 or 4 icons behind an LJ-cut.
2. No bashing of characters, ships or other sets of fans.
2b. Squicked beyond belief by something? Leave it at the door. If you want to shriek about how sick people are for writing Doctor/Jenny (or any other pairing that gets you morally outraged), do it in other comms or your own journal; doing it on here will get the banhammer brought down.
3. If your fic has non-con or incest, warn for that in your headers.
4. Your friendly neighbourhood mod is doyle_sb4. Please contact her - er, me - if you have problems or you don't know how to LJ-cut or link back to your own journal.

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