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Drabble tag

In the interests of increasing the number of pairings written for this fandom - anyone up for a game of drabble tag? I've played this a couple of times in Buffy fandom (and ran the truly epic buffyverse1000): the object is that you start with one or a few pairings (and maybe prompts). Someone writes a drabble for one and suggests 3 more pairings. And so on.

So you would have, for example:

drabble drabble drabble...and then Tegan and Jamie done sex.

Next request: Four/Ian, Leela/Romana, Jack/Rose/Eight

Anyone fancy it and could suggest some pairings/prompts to get us started? I'm procrastinating wildly on ficathon assignments.

ETA: Right, we have some prompts!

Due to the massive size of the links/requests list, it has been moved to its own post

Ficlets don't have to be exactly 100 words but they do need to fit into an LJ comment. It's okay to duplicate a pairing but try not to (threesomes and upwards are allowed and encouraged)

Note: in the interests of giving all companions equal chance of slutting it up with as many Doctors as possible, this community's usual restrictions on Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Nine/Jack and Ten/Jack will be waived for this game...



"Sarah Jane, how lovely to see you."

Sarah was bemused by the fair-haired man and it was only partly because he was dressed like a cricketer.

"I shouldn't be here, should I?"

"No, you shouldn't." The voice from behind her was definitely the Doctor but Sarah was starting to wonder about the one in front.

She spun round and smiled. "He can stay for a while, can't he? With two of you we can have twice as much fun."

The Doctor's eyes widened as he caught her meaning. "Perhaps a few hours won't hurt," he said, taking her hand.

Requests: Four/Five/Sarah, Nine/Ten/Sarah, Four/Ten/Sarah


This had to be the strangest argument Sarah had ever broken up.

"I don't mind you showing up here unexpectedly, but you should remember when you'd visited and avoid scenes like this. Besides, arguing with yourself wastes time better spent on other things," she added pointedly. "It's time you learned to share."

Immediately, both Doctors turned on her.

"We can't let her get away with that," said the Fifth Doctor.

"She needs to be punished," said the Fourth Doctor, pulling off his scarf.

Sarah smiled contentedly as they bound her. Now their attention was back where it belonged, on her.

Requests: Two/Three/Sarah One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/Nine/Ten/Sarah Sarah/Victoria

Sarah/One/Two/Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/Nine/Ten with a bit of girl!Doctor as well

Sarah looked at them, trying hard not to compare. She would always be partial to the white-haired one in velvet because, he was the Doctor. The one with all curls and teeth she knew and liked just as well and the mad one she'd met with Rose had been devilishly handsome, as well as having the appearance of a younger man than herself.

It didn't matter though because they were all the same man and all knew exactly what she liked. Since she liked them all and had found that in pairs was twice as good, encountering ten of him at once increased her enjoyment exponentially. She didn't think she'd be getting up for a week.

"Hey, you started without me!"

Sarah was startled for a moment at the intrusion of a female voice, until she looked up and realised who she was.

"That's because we don't want you here," the Doctor said, "only one woman allowed, and that's Sarah."

"You don't want the competition, I see."

"No!" Sarah called out, stopping her from leaving. "I'd quite like you here." She grinned and the Doctor joined the other Doctors with her and they all had a very good time.

Requests: Sarah/Three/Four/Ten, Sarah/Tegan, Sarah/Adam

Nine/Ten/Sarah Double Drabble

"Do I have to break up another fight? Haven't we been through this before with previous incarnations? I've never quite understood how you can be so jealous of yourself. It's not as though I've ever favoured one of you above another. Besides, you know I subscribe to the theory of 'the more the merrier'."

"Sarah, you must have a preference. Angsty, like me."

"No she prefers manic to the point of insanity like me. Also I've got spectales."

"So, I've got a leather jacket and a tortured soul."

"And I've got a headache. I'm going to bed." Sarah wasn't surprised when they bolted past her.

"Race you."

"No fair, you got a head start."

"That's cause I'm older."

It was like dating a three-year-old or a whole bunch of three-year-olds. She winced at the thought and scrubbed her eyes as though she could scrub it from her brain. Sex. Think marvellous sex. Think of the way he always made her scream with pleasure. There that was better.

She sighed and went up the stairs to break up the pillow fight she knew they were having. She knew she could find something better for them to do.

Requests: Sarah/Zoe Sarah/Peri Sarah/Spike (Buffy)

Re: Nine/Ten/Sarah Double Drabble

Oh I love this. No she prefers manic to the point of insanity like me. sums up the Tenth Doctor so well. It was like dating a three-year-old or a whole bunch of three-year-olds. he is such a child.

Re: Nine/Ten/Sarah Double Drabble

Thank you.

Four/Ten/Sarah Drabble and a half

The Fourth Doctor was surprised to spot a familiar face in the crowd. "Sarah Jane. It's been a while."

She turned on her heel and slapped him twice. "That is for leaving me off in Aberdeen. And that is for interrupting. Go away. I'm not talking to you."

He didn't move away just rubbed at his face and considered the other man.

"Who's he, then? Isn't he a bit young for you?"

"He's you, you idiot. Now shut up and go away."

"You didn't slap me, when I came back into your life," the Tenth Doctor noted.

"Well, I'd done it already, hadn't I. Besides, you aren't the same man you used to be."

"But I've got a scarf," the Fourth Doctor pouted, "and jellybabies. You still like jellybabies don't you."

"I've got a tie. And spectacles."

Sarah sighed as they ganged up on her. At least they weren't fighting.

Requests: Sarah/Spike Thompson (Press Gang) Sarah/Dalek Sarah/Sonic Screwdriver

Re: Four/Ten/Sarah Drabble and a half

I was almost tempted to request Sarah/Sonic Screwsdriver myself but couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

Re: Four/Ten/Sarah Drabble and a half

And as punishment for that, you can write it. ;)

Re: Four/Ten/Sarah Drabble and a half

It is actually on my list of drabbles I might try and write this afternoon if I can get away with it (I don't seem to have any work to do, but I sit with my back to the rest of the room).

Sarah/Sonic Screwdriver

Sarah hurried to her room, her prize in a pocket. The Doctor always had his sonic screwdriver with him, so she was feeling quite pleased at having sneaked it away from him. Now she had it for the whole night. She would worry about returning to him without being noticed later.

When she had some privacy she played with the settings, running it along her arm to feel the effect. Once she found the right one she shivered with anticipation. She undressed slowly, though, wanting to make it last, and smiled as she settled down to a night of pleasure.

Requests: Sarah/Ellie Martin, Josh/Ellie Martin, Sarah/Buffy (from Buffy)

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