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tea-serving penguin

doyle_sb4 in who_otp

Drabble tag

In the interests of increasing the number of pairings written for this fandom - anyone up for a game of drabble tag? I've played this a couple of times in Buffy fandom (and ran the truly epic buffyverse1000): the object is that you start with one or a few pairings (and maybe prompts). Someone writes a drabble for one and suggests 3 more pairings. And so on.

So you would have, for example:

drabble drabble drabble...and then Tegan and Jamie done sex.

Next request: Four/Ian, Leela/Romana, Jack/Rose/Eight

Anyone fancy it and could suggest some pairings/prompts to get us started? I'm procrastinating wildly on ficathon assignments.

ETA: Right, we have some prompts!

Due to the massive size of the links/requests list, it has been moved to its own post

Ficlets don't have to be exactly 100 words but they do need to fit into an LJ comment. It's okay to duplicate a pairing but try not to (threesomes and upwards are allowed and encouraged)

Note: in the interests of giving all companions equal chance of slutting it up with as many Doctors as possible, this community's usual restrictions on Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Nine/Jack and Ten/Jack will be waived for this game...



"Where's my coat?" the Doctor asked.

"It's here, Doctor," Sarah replied, coming into the console room so he could see she was wearing his long, black coat, all buttoned up.

"Why did I put it there, I wonder? Oh, well, you can take it off now."

"Okay." She did so and revealed she was not wearing anything underneath.

"Oh, I remember now."

"Do you want me to put it back on again?"

"No, I don't think that will be necessary."

The Doctor had far better uses for it, although they may not have been the ones intended by the manufacturers.

Requests: Sarah/Turlough, Benton/The Brig, Three/Bessie

And now Sarah's had all the Doctors!


She wasn't the TARDIS, but she was the best he could manage in this time and place, and he loved her for it. With her he could leave UNIT and pretend he had some freedom from the shackles that bound him to this single time and place and, in return, he bestowed upon her the same loving care he gave his poor crippled TARDIS. Bessie would never replace his first love, but her sleek lines and speed helped assuage the pain of his exile and he would think of her fondly in later years, wondering what had become of her.

Bessie/TARDIS Bessie/K-9 Sarah/Gwen

Re: Three/Bessie

I didn't seriously think anyone would write this! I can see the sense of it as well, just to make it worse :)

Re: Three/Bessie

I was preparing to write the Sarah/Turlough prompt and this came out instead.

I want to write the Three/Ace/Motorbike prompt, but I haven't been able to make it work yet. I think it's because I haven't seen enough of Ace.


"What brought you back to Earth?" Sarah asked lazily, as Turlough rolled off of her.

"Dropping off Tegan. Don't know why she'd want to come back. Dreary planet," Turlough replied.

"Hey, that's my dreary planet." Sarah pouted and bit down on the nipple she'd been licking, causing Turlough to gasp. "Pity the Doctor wandered off."

"He was rather upset." Turlough drew her closer. "He'll be back soon. Don't suppose you'd like an encore while we're waiting."

The Doctor saw Turlough's jacket and started the TARDIS before going to find him. Finding Sarah naked in Turlough's bed was an added bonus.

Sarah/Owen Sarah/Ianto Sarah/Pterodactyl

Re: Sarah/Turlough

Eventually, Turlough will learn to appreciate the Earth. Or at least its horny inhabitants. *g*

Sarah/Pterodactyl *dead*

Pterodactyl/Sarah, god help me...

It wasn’t the first time an interviewee had tried to chat her up. Sarah turned him down firmly, though more politely than she would if she hadn’t been wondering whether he was going to accuse her of rampant speciesism. She was willing to be flexible on the human thing, but humanoid was a pretty vital requirement. Maybe, she thought, she was less open-minded than she liked to think.

“Fair do’s,” her subject and would-be amour said. “Can’t blame a bloke for trying.” His right wing had been edging around her shoulders. Now he drew it back, shuffling sideways along the top of the bench. “Mark my words, though, you make the most of what you’ve got, my love. Eat, drink, be merry, and shag yourself silly, because tomorrow a mad alien scientist might turn you into a pterodactyl.” The folded leather wings hunched and lowered again in what she guessed was a sigh. “It could have been a penguin or something. I fly by the zoo sometimes, there’s some lovely girl penguins. But no, I’ve got to be buggering extinct, haven’t I?”

Sarah cleared her throat and got out her tape recorder. “Anything you can tell me about Torchwood, Mr…”

“Oh, no names.” He turned his small head so he could look at her with both eyes. “Don’t want them to know it’s me blowing the whistle on their secret little operation, do I? And you can keep quiet about my… condition and all.”

Sarah tried to imagine how that conversation with her editor might go. “There’s a black ops team of alien hunters operating out of Cardiff,” she’d say. “I know because the talking pterodactyl who lives on their roof told me all about them.”

“I’ll keep you anonymous,” she promised.

Her anonymous source was poking his beak through the bag of prawn crackers she’d brought along, his requested payment. “They’re not a bad bunch, you know,” he said. “Torchwood. It’s only really that Ianto. He’s taken to lurking about in my roof at all hours. I said to him, I need my sleep, I’m bloody nocturnal! – which is through necessity, by the way, not nature, cause they go a bit funny in Wales when they see dinosaurs swooping about in the middle of the day – and he said he needed somewhere quiet to sit and think about things. He’s got hidden depths of anguish, apparently. Walk a mile on these claws, mate, I said.”

Sarah tsked in sympathy.

“You get your story, I get my roof back, we’re all happy except Ianto, who’s never bloody happy anyway. All right?” The beady eye that was fixed on her turned hopeful. “Definitely no chance of a shag, then?”

“Definitely not.”

“Oh, well,” he said. “Suppose you lot can’t all be as open-minded as Jack. Feed us one of these crackers, will you?”

Re: Pterodactyl/Sarah, god help me...

Oops, requests: Eight/Fitz/Sam, Nine/Compassion, Eight/Reinette


I appoligize for this. It's late and I'm drunk.

The Doctor gazed down at his companion, who was twirling a lock of his hair in her fingers and trying to catch her breath. "We should untie him," he remarked. "That would be... well, probably 'nice'."

"Or at least let me have a ciggie," Fitz suggested from the foot of the bed. "I think that's humane, right Sam? Otherwise I may have to contact to UN. Or someone."

Sam ignored them both and ran her fingernails along the Doctor's ribs, causing the Time Lord to flinch and hiss. "I'm fine, thanks," she replied eventually. "This is one of those times when obstructing human rights is useful."

Thankfully Fitz interjected before the Dcotor could start lecturing about the Geneva conventions. "You'd never have gotten him naked if it weren't for me," he said petulantly, then jangled his bonds. "I ought to have some reward for that."

She smirked and the Dcotor raised an eyebrow, then kissed her chastely. "We should untie him," he repeated.

Sam rolled her eyes, but eventuallly conceded.

Requests: Anji/Ten, Jack/Tegan, Fitz/Turlough

Re: Pterodactyl/Sarah, god help me...

Mwahahahahah! This is perfect! If the canon Pterodactyl isn't like yours, I'm going to be so very disappointed.

Also, my brain is on crack. You mentioned penguins, and I thought for a moment that the Pterodactyl was Frobisher, stuck in a form, or something.

Re: Pterodactyl/Sarah, god help me...

Frobisher was definitely going through my head, yes *g*

Re: Pterodactyl/Sarah, god help me...


Thank you so much.

Re: Sarah/Turlough

I thought you might do Sarah/Turlough :)

But who are the people in your requests? I thought I knew what you meant by pterodactyl but now I've read it I have my doubts.

Re: Sarah/Turlough

They're all characters from Torchwood :)

Re: Sarah/Turlough

Ah, I thought I recognised Owen and Ianto from somewhere. But there's an actual pterodactyl in Torchwood?

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