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doyle_sb4 in who_otp

Drabble tag

In the interests of increasing the number of pairings written for this fandom - anyone up for a game of drabble tag? I've played this a couple of times in Buffy fandom (and ran the truly epic buffyverse1000): the object is that you start with one or a few pairings (and maybe prompts). Someone writes a drabble for one and suggests 3 more pairings. And so on.

So you would have, for example:

drabble drabble drabble...and then Tegan and Jamie done sex.

Next request: Four/Ian, Leela/Romana, Jack/Rose/Eight

Anyone fancy it and could suggest some pairings/prompts to get us started? I'm procrastinating wildly on ficathon assignments.

ETA: Right, we have some prompts!

Due to the massive size of the links/requests list, it has been moved to its own post

Ficlets don't have to be exactly 100 words but they do need to fit into an LJ comment. It's okay to duplicate a pairing but try not to (threesomes and upwards are allowed and encouraged)

Note: in the interests of giving all companions equal chance of slutting it up with as many Doctors as possible, this community's usual restrictions on Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Nine/Jack and Ten/Jack will be waived for this game...



"I like the jacket," Sarah said. "It's very trendy."

"It's good isn't it?" The Doctor grinned. "Got it from a bazaar on Gruhelf 3. Wanted to charge me $6 for it, can you imagine? But I managed to haggle him down to £20."

Sarah had long since learnt not to ask. It was usually best to just nod and agree. "That's great. So, you're doing well then?"

It was as if something had turned off the excited chatter in him. "Oh god, Sarah, they're all dead."

Sarah gave him a hug and listened as he told her what had happened.

Requests: Ten/Jackie, Ten/Yvonne, Seven/Ace/Hex

February 2017



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