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Rare Ships Month: Five/Tegan

Many of the ships featured in this comm are pretty unconventional. Five/Tegan seems reactionary in comparison. I don't care. I love them.

I am truly surprised to see this is considered a Rare Pairing – I would have thought it was a pretty popular if not mainstream pairing. And that it wasn’t even picked on the first round! I obviously had to fix that.


The Fifth Doctor is a favourite of mine, in fact Pete Davison’s version of the Doctor is only behind Paul McGann’s portrayal in the audio books in my affections. I love Five’s low-key alienness (as opposed to let’s say Tom Baker’s blatant otherworldliness), his energy and all around chivalry.


Tegan is also one of my favourite companions, and I guess it makes sense that I should want to see them together. I am insanely passionate in my love for Tegan and I have no justification for it, not really. She is the kind of character that I usually dislike – in fact somebody pointed out to me that Tegan and Donna were somehow alike and I went “mmm, but that can’t be right, because I don’t like Donna and I love Tegan like woah”. But yes, Tegan is too loud, opinionated, lively for my tastes. And still it was love at first sight.

So maybe the shipping is all about wanting my girl to get that gorgeous alien all for herself (come to think about it, that’s my whole philosophy about Ten/Martha, but I digress).

Or maybe it’s because I think there are few sexier things in the world than Pete Davison and Janet Fielding having one of their verbal sparring on screen. I’m not sure how many of you would agree but I think there’s wonderful chemistry at work in there.


And then there’s the matter of heartbreak. I like my love stories to be sad. Oddly enough “Resurrection of the Daleks” was one of the first Fifth Doctor serials I watched and I think its impact on my coloured my whole perspective on the Five/Tegan relationship. I think Tegan’s farewell is the single most devastating moment for me in classic Who. I still can’t watch it without sobbing a bit. So knowing how it all would end I went on watching Five-Tegan episodes with that sense of doomed relationship in the back of my mind.

It was one of the first Who pairings I shipped, back when I started watching old school episodes about two years ago (yeah, I know, we sad, impoverished Spanish people who never got a chance to watch Doctor Who before the internets where invented) so they will always be a personal cause for me.


They are very much a 30s screwball comedy couple; they argue a lot, in fact they seem to get off on teasing each other, always pushing to have the upper hand. The Doctor seems almost permanently irritated by Tegan, I noticed this very early on in my watchings and always thought there was something to it. They are very sparkly and festive but when the moment of truth comes the Doctor always shows his great affection for Tegan – as the Cybermen leader put to empirical test in “Earthshock”.

Now, let's cut the talking and... ON WITH THE MUSIC:


*brushes by URBAN STROKES

1. the editors - an end has a start
you came on your own, that's how you'll leave

2. the killers - when you were young
he doesn't look a thing like jesus, but he talks like a gentleman

3. sondre lerche - well well well
Same excuse every other time/ So don't assume you can draw the line

4. new order - world price of love
so i'm stepping out of time/ because breaking is a crime

5. the lucksmiths - the chapter in your life entitled san francisco
I spent the summer with the curtains drawn against it/ Counting all the nights you’ve wasted/ Under unfamiliar stars

6. joan as police woman - my gurl
I'll brush the hair from my eyes/ Cause it's in my way/ And I wanna see you see me shine

7. laura veirs - don't lose yourself
all of the things that i thought were so easy just got harder and harder each day

8. death cab for cutie - champagne from a paper cup
i think i'm drunk enough to drive you home now/ i'll keep my mouth kept shut

9. stars - the calendar girl
If I am lost for a day, try to find me/ But if I don't come back, then I won't look behind me

10. stereophonics - i'm alright (you gotta go there to come back)
i'll wear another smile for you

11. jeff buckley - if you see her, say hello (live)
she might think that i've forgotten her/ but don't tell her it isn't so


a hole in my heart. pg. like most love stories, this is a sad one NEW
your girl she dreams of flying. pg. he doesn't miss her. he can't afford to.
lucky you. g. sometimes we get quiet days in the eye of orion. sometimes we just don't
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