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Doctor Who: Tegan/Turlough blue

van in who_otp

Rare Ship Month: Tegan/Turlough (2/2)

In which there are fic recs, art recs and some icons!

T&T: It's like dynamite, in a way.

I got into the Tegan/Turlough pairing in 2006, and that was when I put together [The Whole of Tegan/Turlough] list, which is every fanfic, drabble and piece of fanart I've ever found of them. It is sadly a small list, but it has considerably grown since I put it together, and it's always possible I've missed a few. (If I have, feel free to drop me a note, so I can update it.)

Anyway, as that list might take you a while to get through, I thought I'd rec a few fics to start you off.


  • Imitation of Life (NC-17) by lilacfree is the first fic I ever read with Tegan/Turlough in it. It's a spin off from "Resurrection of the Daleks" and also involves Five/Tegan, but is a worthwhile read. There are several sequels, the most notable being Time Mortis.

  • It's About Choices (NC-17) by van is yes, one I wrote. It's a look at the two of them just before the end. I rarely rec my own stuff, but I am still pleased with bits of the dialogue in this one.

  • Bonds (NC-17) by lilacfree has the Doctor visit a primitive planet with Tegan and Turlough, where things, of course, get dangerous. Involves Tegan/Turlough and Five/Tegan and is a bit more conventional than "Imitation of Life."

  • Attention (NC-17) by srichard has Turlough noticing some changes in Tegan since Nyssa's depature.

  • Beside the Sea (G) by doyle_sb4 involves Turlough missing Tegan too, only he does something about it. (Technically gen, but could be read as Five/Tegan, or Five/Tegan/Turlough.)


    Embarrassingly enough, the only fanart I can rec are pieces I've done. Click to embiggen. :D

    But by all means, if you've done or come across other Tegan/Turlough art, please link me! (Or fics I don't have listed!)

    And to finish us off, here are 15 Tegan/Turlough icons I've made.

















    And, although I didn't make it, this fabulous icon by redscharlach must also be shared:

    And so ends May 26th, the day of Tegan/Turlough!

    Any questions?

    Part One, in case you missed it! :D
  • Comments

    yes, I have a question

    so, does this mean Five was pulling Tegan's leg when he said the TARDIS didn't have an instruction manual? (granted, the Master'd tricked her into thinking she'd landed the thing; in Castrovalva)

    other than that, they're nice images; I only know of Tegan from one ep, and Turlough from none. sorry.

    Re: yes, I have a question

    Ahahahaha. I have no idea what the deal is behind that TARDIS instruction manual! Ahahaahha.

    You should watch some of Turlough's stories. He's fun. :D

    Re: yes, I have a question

    The TARDIS does have an instruction manuel - Romana is shown reading it in 'The Pirate Planet.'

    Re: yes, I have a question

    so...did they lose the manual? did Romana take it with her? or did 5 just forget about it?


    Re: yes, I have a question

    Four was rather put off by Romana reading it (then flying the TARDIS better than he could) Maybe he hided it?

    Re: yes, I have a question

    *shakes head* silly Doctor! :)

    Re: yes, I have a question

    Sounds like something he'd do, though. Hide it as his forth self, forget about it as his fifth. Not until Eight was digging around the top shelves of the library would it be found again.
    I haven't seen any of Tegan or Turlough's episodes yet (I'll get to them), but I am a bit surprised that there are so few fics for the pairing. They travel together with the Doctor for a while and it is a het pairing (ok, I am easily bored with het pairings, but then again I'm a bit weired).
    It's surprising to me too. I think it's that more people ship Five/Tegan and Five/Turlough. Plus, Turlough is younger than Tegan in most instances, which I think weirds some people out. I find most conventional het pairings very boring (Five/Tegan, for instance), but the het ones I do like I tend to REALLY like.

    I'm sure there's more Tegan/Turlough than there is Avon/Jenna. Sigh.
    Part of my problem with het pairings is that I rarely like female characters and in order to like a pairing I have to like (or at least tolerate) both characters. Except for rare occasions when I really LOVE one character and am willing to read them with anyone. I am rapidly reaching that point with Five because sometime recently (I wish I knew when or why and I wish it would go away) I have decided that Peter Davison is OMG!Sexy. *sigh* I need help. Hahahaha

    I'm sure there's more Tegan/Turlough than there is Avon/Jenna. Sigh.

    Yes, well, B7 fandom is to focused on Blake/Avon to give other pairings any attention. While I like that pairing, there are other pairings I would like to see more of. Avon/anyone(everyone) for example, or as I said before, Carnell/anyone(everyone). :)
    You know, it's funny, because I REALLY DON'T LIKE TEGAN. She is, probably, my least favorite companion ever. So the fact that I'm so flailty about this pairing, especially over Five/Turlough, is really weird to me. But I do know what you mean about liking one character enough to read anything with them. I don't like Avon enough to read Avon/Blake or Avon/Cally, but I'd read Vila/Blake or Vila/Cally (or any other combo) so I know how that feels.

    Ah well. I'll just have to write some Avon/Jenna and hope some secret shipper enjoys it. XD I just suck at writing hetsex most of the time.
    Lovely icons!

    Thanks for the fic recs!

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