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hhertzof in who_otp

Rare Ships Month: Sarah/Turlough (1/2)

Sarah/Turlough. I think we'll start with a picture.

Unlike many of the other couples during rare ships month, they have actually shared screen time (though not much of it and I don't think they spoke to each other). I would have more pics from that, but I was having trouble getting Tragical History Tour to load, so we'll have to do without.

This is Sarah. When she first met the Doctor she thought he was behind the disappearance of several scientists, so she snuck into his TARDIS.

This is Turlough. The first time he met the Doctor, he tried to kill him with a rock.

A match made in heaven. ;)

There are many ways they could have met again. My favourites are a) After dropping off Tegan in Rememberance of the Daleks, Five and Turlough ran into Sarah and had one or more adventures, b) Sarah is currently running an alien rescue service, and Turlough may have gone back into politics and understands Earth customs - assuming Trion still has some expatriates on Earth, it isn't unlikely that their paths have crossed, or c) their paths crossed during the Time War.

And they would have so much to discuss besides their respective Doctors

Such as school uniforms (Sarah's the girl on the right)

and who looks better in short shorts.

I don't see them as twu wuv forever. I think they'd both scorn that utterly. But a casual "if you're in town, give me a call" sort of relationship seems very plausable. Or better yet, "if you're in town, come round for a shag and snarking about the Doctor".

There isn't all that much fic written about these two. I've occasionally thrown it in as a side note in fics, but except for one drabble and a fic I'm posting as part two, it's never been the main point of the story. I do have a link to one other drabble, that I may have instigated.

Passing Notes (mine) Sarah & Turlough during The Five Doctors
I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together by temporalgrace

And as van pointed out, I wrote another drabble here for one of the drabble tags and completely forgot about it.

Icons are also few and far between.

redsharlach made one.

| |

And I've made three. Feel free to snag mine with credit. And yes I believe Sarah and Turlough would play bondage chess. ;)

I'll be following this up with part 1.5 (a short, locked fanmix post) and part 2 (a Sarah/Turlough story started for Church on Time that I finally finished).


There's a Sarah/Turlough drabble here by hhertzof :D
Color me embarrassed. I'd forgotten I'd written that one, probably because my drabbletag files are long and disorganised. Off to edit the post.

Thank you.
... you know. I looked to see if you had linked to it, but I didn't look to see if you had written it. I probably should have. AHahahahaha.
I'm just glad you caught it. :D
The idea of those two together amuses me. :)
They would be so much fun together. Lots of fighting and sniping, but not quite on Tegan decibel levels.
Who looks better in short-shorts! Love it. :D
As far as I'm concerned, that's the big question. ;)
I have to admit that I think Sarah looks better in shorts. But it's a very close call XD

The casual relationship sounds excellently plausible!
I think Sarah's got a better outfit. The white pinstripes don't really work for Turlough.

Well, I can't see Turlough staying on Earth or Sarah giving up Earth for Trion.

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