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Rare ships posting month - sign-ups

There seemed to be enough interest in a rare ships month, so I'm opening for signups now.

This is along the lines of the companion love month at loves_them_all; you pick a date in May and a ship, and on your date you make some sort of post promoting that ship. Your post can be fic, meta, a picspam, fic recs, vid recs, icons, or whatever else you like.

Couple of rules:
- dates and ships are on a first come, first served basis
- only ships that are okay by the rules of this comm, please - so no Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha, Doctor/Jack or Doctor/Master, please, and no Torchwood-only ships like Tosh/Owen. ETA: since we've now got a full month, I think this can be relaxed a bit; if you're burning to do a ship that falls under those categories but is genuinely rare - like Nine/Martha or Two/Rose or Five/Jack, or something rare from Torchwood - then okay.
Other than that, threesomes/poly, couples who have never met in canon, ships between people who are only in one episode, books/audios/comics canon - it's all good.
- if there are variations on a particular couple, you can either pick one incarnation or the ship in general, whichever you prefer; if someone's already picked Four/Romana II and you want Doctor/Romana or vice versa, that's okay (although if we end up with four people doing Doctor/Romana or Doctor/Sarah, I'll be asking if they can share a posting date).
- if you're particularly inspired by someone else's couple and want to write drabbles or fic or make icons for someone else's day, the more the merrier.
- the May dates are all taken, but we can push on into June if there are still people who want to join in - just grab the next free date, or as near as possible.

May 1st: Master/Martha (zauberer_sirin)
2nd: Four/Sarah/Harry (carawj)
3rd: Rose/Mickey/Jake (doyle_sb4)
4th: Martha/Harry (livii)
5th: Sarah/Harry (paranoidangel42)
6th: Rose/Gwen (joanne_c)
7th: Ace/Martha (samfeasor)
8th: Eight/Romana/Leela (silly_cleo)
9th: Peri/Erimem (purple_bug)
10th: Sarah/Jack (daisyrainwater)
11th: Ten/Romana (lizbee)
12th: Liz/Martha (stunt_muppet)
13th: Liz/Brig (pimpmytardis)
14th: Two/Jamie (elyssadc)
15th: Eight/Nyssa (brewsternorth)
16th: Three/Jo (wiccagirl24)
17th: Donna/Martha (sanestlunatic)
18th: Steven/Dodo (bibliophile1887)
19th: Martha/Romana (in_the_end)
20th: Susan/Master (doreyg)
21st: Six/Peri (finmagik)
22nd: Sarah/Turlough (hhertzof)
23rd: Five/Turlough (gigglestheblood)
24th: Romana II/Leela (plaidphoenix)
25th: Ten/Donna (biichan)
26th: Tegan/Turlough (van)
28th: Romana/The Rani (elliptic_eye)
29th: Seven/Ace (lilly_rose)
30th: Ace/Hex (amaresu)
31st: Barbara/Ian (nam_jai)
June 1st: Rose/Martha violet_lane)
2nd: Rose/Master (malana)
3rd: Sarah/Will Sullivan (paranoidangel42)
4th: Three/Delgado!Master (elyssadc)
5th: One/Cameca (biichan)
6th: Eight/Fitz (settiai)
7th: One/Barbara (bibliophile1887)
8th: Peri/Valeyard (elliptic_eye)
9th: Donna/Turlough (drho)
10th: Susan/Romana (calapine)
11th: Nine/Astrid (doyle_sb4)
12th: Martha/Tom (londonbeauty001)
13th: Ten/Jamie (radiantbaby)
14th: Romana/Master (atraphoenix)
15th: Ravon/Nyder (marypseud)
16th: Brig/Sarah Jane (sleepy_sheep683)
17th: Five/Tegan (zauberer_sirin)
18th: Nine/Martha (sanestlunatic)
19th: Five/Nyssa (ghost2)
20th: Latimer/Sister of Mine (feldjagerpistol)
21st: Doctor/Rani (pimpmytardis)
22nd: Doctor/Sarah (hhertzof)
23rd: Jack/Jenny (sunnytyler001)
24th: Doctor/Romana (sneakyangel)
25th: Ancelyn/Bambera (wishfulaces)

I'm very amused that a good third of the ships are between people who haven't met. Thinking outside the box, that's what we like to see.
Tags: # rare ships month

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