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Drabble Tag #3

Well, while all of fandom is variously waiting for the next Harry Potter book or wishing everyone would shut up about the next Harry Potter book, it seems like a good opportunity to play another game of drabble tag (thanks to amberite for suggesting it). Because I'm lazy, rules are C&Ped from last time, and you can check out our previous games on the drabble tag, err, tag.

- stick a drabble/ficlet in the comments with up to 3 requests for the next pairing
- in order to give everyone an equal chance of sexxin the Doctor, this comm's usual restriction on Nine or Ten paired with Rose or Jack is lifted
- threesomes, foursomes or any number of participants are a-okay
- crossovers are fine provided one character is from Doctor Who, Torchwood or Sarah Jane Adventures (yes, Torchwood and SJA pairings are fine)
- if you're asking for a really obscure character, add what episode they're in
- if you want to add a prompt as well as a pairing, go for it
- if you're stuck for a pairing to request, try the random DW pairing generator


One/Cameca (astrogirl2)
Three/Jo (dynapink)
Seven/Ace (srichard)
Seven/Ray (Delta and the Bannermen) (livii)
Ace/Leela (srichard)
Benton/Zoe (van)
Erimem/Peri (wishfulaces)
Harry/Martha (wishfulaces)
Ian/Vicki (van)
Jack/Leela (fly_to_dawn)
Jack/Tish Jones (agapi42)
Liz/Sarah Jane (amberite)


Four/Romana I
Four/Romana II
Doherty/Martha/Tom (LotTL)
Jack/Mike Yates
Jack/Sarah Jane
Liz Shaw/Delgado!Master
The Master/The Rani
Master/Doctor's TARDIS
Narvin/Romana II


Jack/Tish Jones

"Isn't it a basic courtesy to grant a condemned man his last wish?"
"A man condemned to death." Tish looks at him, stained with dirt and sweat and his own blood. "Not one condemned to life."
He tries to shrug and almost dislocates his shoulders. "Maybe next time then."
After all, there will always be a next time.

"So what has our Lord and Master got lined up for today? Electrocution? Strangulation? Multiple wounds? Or how about a bit of torture from the reliable laser screwdriver?"
She kisses him lightly, softly, just a brush of her mouth against his, over before Jack has a chance to respond. A stolen moment, a fleeting human touch.

A beginning leads to an end, each goodbye kiss marks a boundary.
Next will become last, they promise. This will end.

Pairings: Ian/Barbara
The Rani/The Master

Re: Jack/Tish Jones

Oh, that's lovely!

Re: Jack/Tish Jones

*points at your icon* Thanks!

Re: Jack/Tish Jones

Eee! *loves on it* ♥

Re: Jack/Tish Jones

Thanks :D


It started simply enough, with him giving her a lift home from Sgt. Benton's birthday party.

He sat on the sofa, long legs stretched out in front of him and long arms resting comfortably along the back. Jo handed him a glass of wine and curled up next to him, her fingers cradling her own wineglass. She'd had several already that evening to his knowledge, but she seemed as clear-headed as he was himself. She slipped off her sandals and tucked her bare feet under her.

They talked, or rather she listened while he talked. She gazed up at him with eyes that sparkled, and a smile that seemed to hold just the faintest trace more affection than usual. He wondered if she knew just how adorable she was, with her hair trailing into those huge eyes, and that low-cut party frock that had far more frills than his shirt. Her frills were some kind of old-fashioned lace, though, sticking up to form a stiff collar that encompassed the back and sides of her neck.

Idly, he dragged one finger along the top of the lace, brushing her cheek where the collar crowded in. Instead of flinching, or pulling away, Jo leaned her head down against the Doctor's hand, still smiling at him. He smiled back at her affectionately, crinkling his eyes a bit, and cupped her cheek. She moved her head slightly to drop a kiss on his thumb. For a split second he was surprised by the action, and then wondered if it should really come as a surprise to him at all. After all, she was —

She was leaning up to kiss him.

Her lips brushed softly against his for a moment, then she moved back and studied him beneath her downturned lashes, watching for any sign of a negative reaction. When he made none, she moved in more confidently and kissed him again, more firmly this time. Her left hand rested on his velvet-clad shoulder. He hesitated just for an instant before he returned her kiss.

"Will you spend the night with me, Doctor?" she asked him shyly.

He looked down at her seriously. It was a bad idea on every level. He knew that with absolute certainty. He shouldn't even entertain the thought. He should get up right this instant and leave. But even so, knowing all that, he looked down into her face and all he could manage to say was, "Are you sure that's a good idea, Jo?"

"I don't see why it wouldn't be," she argued. "Do you?"

In reply, the Doctor got up off the sofa, reached for her hand, and let Jo lead him to her bedroom.

Four/Romana II
Seven/Ray (from Delta and the Bannermen)
Jack/Mike Yates

Re: Three/Jo

So sweet! And Jo is so much in voice.

Seven/Ray (from Delta and the Bannerman)

(I wrote this ages ago, after seeing the serial and falling in love with the pairing, but only posted it to my journal as a not-story since it was rough).

He'd always had a soft spot for sweet ones, a little bit daft, thoroughly resourceful.

(If he was being honest, he'd had soft spots for lots of types, but that was neither here nor there).

He visited Ray again, and then again, and then again. He always arranged it around a meeting with the old beekeeper, pretending to be an acolyte, a fellow scholar, a trusted friend. Instead the man droned on about royal jelly and he could only think about Ray's mouth, her wide, trusting eyes, her long, strong legs. He knew Delta met human standards of beauty more squarely, tall and light, but any man who turned a blind eye to Ray's charms had to be an idiot, he thought, as images of those legs wrapped around his waist made the room far too hot, and it was a bit hard to breathe.

He always told himself it was the last time, as they moved together under that tree, on an old wool blanket that made Ray's back itchy. She always wanted to fuck outside; she was a girl of nature, in command of machines but at home in the hills and fields of her country. He laughed at her idiosyncrasy and she poked him in the ribs, telling him he was one to talk.

He never took her away in the TARDIS.

Eventually he met Ace, and he stopped going around to Wales. He knew it was for the best.

(If he was being honest, he knew he'd let Ray down, but he had a universe to protect, and he couldn't pin himself down, he couldn't be seduced by wide, trusting eyes. He couldn't risk losing her, out there, among the stars).

Three men later, he was tall and thin and striding around the Torchwood base in Cardiff, being led around by a nervous boy in a suit and tie. His coat brushed against a counter and he suddenly wondered where his umbrella had gone, all those years ago. The boy was babbling, something about Jack and the Cybermen and pterodactyls and goodness knows what else.

"Listen," he said, cutting the boy off. "What I want is to talk to your boss. Until he gets back, I would like to wait in his office, only my screwdriver won't open the door."

The boy walked to the door, and, rather than keys, pulled a small, alien-looking file out of his pocket. He had the door open in seconds.

At the Doctor's impressed look, Ianto shrugged his shoulders. "Something my gran taught me," he said. "Always prepared."

He stopped dead, stared at the boy's face. There were similarities, small touches. The eyes were so guarded but he sees something underneath.

He remembers wide, trusting eyes, soft lips, curves and warm, warm skin. "Is your gran still alive?" he asked the boy, so painfully young.

"Of course," Ianto replied, caught off-guard by the question and the staring. "Still riding her motorcycle, even, up in the hills."

He closed his eyes, and sat down in Jack's chair, rubbing his temples. He's far, far too old for this.

"Sir?" Ianto asked, carefully. "What do you want with Jack? Because I'll warn you I have a gun in my other pocket, and I'm not afraid to use it."

"I'm sure you're not," he replied. "Not a strong boy like you, who seems to have lost his way. Come on. I have something to show you."

Ray's grown old, a mother, a grandmother, but still sweet, still resourceful, still soft with wide, trusting eyes. He tells her he's sorry and she pokes him in the ribs, laughing. She made her way in the world, and he made his.

She drives him out to the beauty spot on the old Vincent (lovingly maintained, chrome gleaming) and he tells her about the war, and she tells him about their daughter, and grandson, and when he makes love to her now, he understands.

Four/Romana I

Zoe/Benton should not be this hot. XD

It was the third time Zoe dropped her sheaf of papers and been thwarted from picking them up by Sergeant Benton getting to them before her.

“Here you are, Miss,” he said, a bashful smile playing on his lips as he handed them to her.

“Thank you very much, Sergeant,” Zoe said, a not a little crossly. The blush creeping across the tall man’s face was giving her signals that she was on the right track, but his chivalry was quite possibly going to drive her bananas. “I’m just so clumsy today, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she insisted. Then, letting go of the papers go in such a way that they went under the desk, she exclaimed. “Oh! Silly me. I’ll fetch them this time.”

So saying, she prompt dove under the desk, lifting her posterior high in the air. There was no way he would miss her skirt riding up her thighs or the flash of her knickers this time! She heard him cough uncomfortably and grinned, wriggling provocatively on the ground as she gathered the papers to her.

“All that grasping and groping around in the dark sure has made me hot!” Zoe exclaimed, finally popping up onto her knees from under the desk.

Benton was astutely looking away from her, pretending to stare out the window, though the blush on his face had spread to his ears. “It is warm in here,” he agreed nervously. “Shall I open the window?”

“Honestly!” Zoe said, getting to her feet. “I don’t know how people of the 20th century possibly got around to copulating at all! You’re all just so . . . polite!”

Startled into looking at her, Benton blinked. “Miss?”

“Sergeant Benton,” Zoe said, drawing herself to her full diminutive height. “I know you were eyeing my posterior just now, and I wanted you to be. You don’t think a girl of my class would present such an inviting target to a man like you if she didn’t want his attentions, do you?”

“I, uh…”

“I’m starting to think you’re quite gay!”

“Excuse me?”

Sighing dramatically, Zoe said, “Gay! Oh, you’re so archaic! Homosexual! Into other men? Is that the reason you’ve not yet pinned me to this desk, hiked up my skirt and given it to me?” A few seconds lapsed, in which Benton’s face began to go purple. Zoe giggled in delight. “Oh, there is hope for you yet.”

Taking up his large hand in hers, Zoe set aside her papers, tugged down her skirt from where it had ridden up on her thighs, and dragged him out of the room. “Come along now, Sergeant,” she cheerfully said. “I’ve got an important task for you to perform. I’ve already found the perfect little closet we can copulate in for as long as we’d like, that no one will ever suspect.”

“Um,” Benton said, at a lost for words, though he followed her obediently. He was always the perfect soldier, following orders.

Smiling to herself, Zoe beamed. “You’re such a good boy! Oh, this shall be so much fun!”


Re: Zoe/Benton should not be this hot. XD


Zoe being all practical about sex! Benton being all gentlemanly and shy! The thought of them doing it in a closet! :D :D :D

Re: Zoe/Benton should not be this hot. XD


Re: Seven/Ray (from Delta and the Bannerman)

Ha! Yay, finally! I requested this pairing during the last round of drabble tag, but nobody ever stepped up.

Re: Seven/Ray (from Delta and the Bannerman)

I thought I had read the only Seven/Ray fic in existence earlier today, then I came looking through the drabble tag and found this one. Seven fic makes me happy. :) Plus, I like how you tied Ianto into things, and had Ten come back and encounter Ray.

Re: Three/Jo

That is so sweet and perfect for them.

Re: Three/Jo

This, by the way, is absolutely lovely, and astonishingly believable.

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