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Doctor Who Five/Turlough

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Rare Ships Month: Five/Turlough (1/2)

After I signed up for this I realized that I am a total Classic Who newb and I am going to be posting about a sort of a major slash pairing. D: So I'm super nervous about this post and I hope I do the pairing justice. :)

When I was thinking about what I should do for this post, I thought about doing a long meta on Five/Turlough, but then I found this spectacular Five/Turlough shipper manifesto, and I just thought, "What's the point?" I suggest you all read that manifesto if you haven't already, it's great. So, instead of a long meta, I'm going to talk about why they work for me for a bit and then we'll move on to a few pics, some icons and some fic recs. :)

The second episode of Classic Who that I saw was Mawdryn Undead, and the moment Turlough came on screen I knew I'd like him. He was a jerk, he got poor Hippo into trouble, and I could tell he was going to be a morally ambiguous character, and I am a sucker for morally ambiguous characters. Appearance wise, I was immediately attracted to him. He's slim, wears a school uniform and ginger. That's really all it takes for me.

First scene with Turlough (sorry about the cap quality)

Turlough being a bad influence

The first episode of Classic Who that I saw was Castrovalva, and I totally fell for Five in that episode. I thought he was incredibly adorable and I could tell he was going to become my favorite Doctor very quickly. I love Five so much, he is one of the only television characters that make me smile like a fool the whole time he's on screen.


A shot of his ass. Lovely. :P

I started shipping the jerky ginger with the adorable beige one very quickly because I could tell where Turlough's arc was going. He was supposed to kill the Doctor, which can be seen as a bad start for a ship, but it was obvious that he would never be able to, and I am a total sucker for ships in which the relationship started out with one of them intending to murder the other. (I blame Spike/Buffy for this) Other than that, I love how the two interact, especially in the Big Finish Audios (Singularity, Loups Garoux and Phantasmagoria), those are fantastic.

This is the exact moment when I started shipping these two. I don't know why, but this is it. I think it's just how enthusiastic the Doctor was when he introduced Tegan and Nyssa to Turlough. 


And here's when Turlough tried to kill him with a rock. Truly they are the OTP of all OTPs.

My favorite Five/Turlough moment is when Turlough leaves in Planet of Fire. I think it's the most emotional scene between the two and I just love it to death.


This is the last part of Planet of Fire, the bit where they say goodbye starts at 2:40. (There's also a bit before that where Five is very sad over the Master's death, but this isn't a Five/Master post, so I'll shut up about that now)


Aw, he doesn't want to leave, but he has to. These two are my Classic Who OTP, but like the manifesto that I linked to says, they are not really a TWUWUV4EVA! ship. They were inevitably going to part ways, and I think the way it happened in Planet of Fire was perfect.

Right, icons! Icons are not my strong point, but I hope these are alright. :)

1. Photobucket2.Photobucket 3. Photobucket
4. Photobucket5. Photobucket6. Photobucket
7. Photobucket8. Photobucket9. Photobucket
10. Photobucket11. Photobucket12. Photobucket

And here are some Five/Turlough fic recs:

Dreaming of England by Kitty Fisher I was thinking about not including this in the recs because it's always recced when Five/Turlough is brought up, but I realized that if I'm going to do a post all about Five/Turlough I better rec it. It's recced for a reason, it is one of the first Five/Turlough fics and it is rather good.

And Is There Honey Still For Tea? by uktechgirl This is what would happen if Five and Turlough settled down together in a nice cottage. It's a great long fic with an awesome mystery.

Special Favor by Sub Rosa A fantastic PWP in which Turlough tops. Really great character voices and really hot.

Unbound by Sub Rosa This was the first Five/Turlough fic that I read and I love it so so much.

Pet Rock by Minion Pretty silly and awesome fic.

Unpacking by Brandynigma This fic has Five angsting over Adric and Tegan, which I love to see in Five/Turlough fics.

Misconceptions by taleya I love this fic like a fat kid loves cake. Some really great angst. Delusions is the companion fic to Misconceptions and it's just as awesome. All of her fics are great, if you haven't read them you totally should.


And to close this post, here's a cute random cap of the two of them in the Five Doctors! :D


Cor, I ♥ icon number nine :)

And all things Beige.
Yay for a sudden congruence of Turlough. :) One can never have too much ginger.
Lovely! Turlough should have worn shorts more often. :)
It took a while for Turlough to grow on me, but eventually it happened. And I have a real use for icon #12, if I can make room for it.
Five/Turlough. OTP. (Uh, that may already be obvious :D) Oh so OTP. Why? Because unlike most companions, Turlough is actually a kindred spirit. Exiled, damaged...and between the two of them they somehow fix each other. Plus I just love Turlough to bits because he's the first genuinely interesting companion (as opposed to a cardboard cutout) since Liz.

(PS: You missed mentioning fivey is the King of the Visible Panty Line! :P)

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